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Donald runs in the porch to dry until Pete reminds him that he returned his tools. Donald sees them lying in the mud on his side of the fence and quickly picks them up and goes back in the house while Pete sits reading his newspaper.

10 Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor to the Neighborhood

The next day, Pete climbs up his tree to give it a trimming and the wind blows all the branches and leaves fall onto Donald's lawn. Donald gasps seeing this and Pete tells him, "Better rake 'em up quick! They'll ruin your lawn! Now Donald is livid and thinks Pete is doing these things on purpose. He rakes up his lawn very quickly and puts the pile into an incinerator. Donald sees Pete's laundry on the clothesline and laughs.

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He starts a fire to burn his leaves and calls for Pete showing him the smoke is after his laundry. Pete grabs a hose to douse douse the fire and sprays Donald in the face.

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As Pete laughs at this, Donald grabs the hose and puts down Pete's shorts and when they're full he pokes holes in them with his pitchfork. Pete walks around looking like a fountain. Donald laughs but gets bashed in the head from a baseball bat by Pete. The brawl makes headlines in the newspapers: "Neighborhood Brawl Grows", "War! Between Neighbors", "Neighbors Erupt! Television Covers Battle". The whole neighborhood gathers to watch the fight.

Pete cuts most of Donald's tree, saying "Let's watch that property line, punk! Pete flings apples at Donald.

SML Parody: The New Neighbor!

Donald catapults paint onto Pete's face. Pete dumps garbage on Donald. Donald flings a trash lid like a discus to Pete and breaks his greenhouse. Pete hammer-throws a lawn mower onto Donald's roof, mowing off a strip of shingles.

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Laserdisc CLV. Technical Specifications. Aspect Ratio: 1. Color Type: Technicolor. Print Type: 35mm. Negative Type: 35mm. Cinematographic Format: Spherical. Original Language: English.

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Original Country: United States. From Ryan : This cartoon focuses on two neighbors: Donald, the new neighbor and Pete, Donald's next door neighbor.

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  • Pete is willing to take advantage of the new neighbor by using any of his things, whether they be food or his garden tools. I enjoy the climax of this cartoon, the battle between neighbors. This ending, which, I will not give away, has somewhat of a twist to it. From Ashley : Seeing Donald take on Pete is always a hoot, and I'm sure anyone who has had an obnoxious neighbor across the way shares our favorite duck's feelings on the matter.

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    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor
    The New Neighbor The New Neighbor

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