The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed

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The Garden is raided by Prince, and Stan's love, Lyekka, dies again, with 5 arrows in her back. Xev is kidnapped, and Kai requisitions an attacking balloon. From there, they engage in a battle of wits with Prince and his offsider who appears as Priest in series 4. After a series of daring moves, both Prince and Priest die. Stan and Kai make it to the Lexx, and begin a search for Xev who is walking through the desert.

Prince reincarnates near her, to walk with her, and watch her die in the scorching heat. He's not part Cluster Lizard, so he dies first. Rated one of the visually spectacular episodes. Stan and Kai search for Xev in Girltown. Stan's nubile non-dead body attracts the attention of the "head" Queen reincarnated Giggerota , who has no body and kind of wants some body. She is interrupted by the all-female committee proceedings of Girltown, who discuss non-she and non-boy sexist agendas, in endless movements and motions.

Meanwhile, Kai liberates the drag queen slaves making balloons, who are nice people, and have no idea why they have been sent to this hell. Guest star Jimmy Somerville cameos. In the escape, all the gay balloonists are eaten by Lexx. Stan and Kai fall to the planet Water, Kai sinks like a stone.

Stan drowns, and washes up upon a metaphysical Beach. He is met by Prince, who explains that it's his judgement time. When asked if he's done anything bad in his life, Stanley really can't remember anything.

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He's not judged for causing the death of 94 worlds in the light zone. Instead, Prince focuses on his general cowardice and his attempt to destroy planet Water because he lusted for May meanwhile, Xev has found Stan's body and popped it in the freezer while she searches for Kai.

Kai observes many souls en route to the center of Water, and finally slips through a light-hole, that lands him on another Gametown. Stan goes to hell. Xev retrieves Kai, who then dives to the center of planet Fire to rescue Stan. He has a little chat with Prince, who shows him Stanley in the red vortex evil soul repository, where they patiently await rotational incarnate torture with Prince for the rest of eternity.

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  4. The area is filled with good and evil souls, who fly off to Earth on the other side of the sun. Stan's frozen body revives, and he remembers nothing about his judgement. Begins with Marconi in Newfoundland and his trans-Atlantic communication attempt.

    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed - eBook

    This strong radio emission attracts the attention of another alien ship way outside the Milky Way. Arriving at Earth , Stanley H. Tweedle starts negotiating with the president, who is using cue cards to cope with alien first contact. They are not adequate to cope with Stan's idiotic presumptions and sexual desires. Isambard Prince, head of the ATF, initiates a plan to attack the Lexx using Russian psycho killers aboard a space shuttle.

    Prince's old crony from planet Fire, Priest, is elected president, and Lexx eats a large chunk of the Amazon Rainforest. Prince heads towards Lexx in a shuttle. Kai and Xev head to Earth in a moth, which is attacked by stealth fighters. The battle is monitored by a SETI team headed by Dr Longbore a reincarnation of the Wozzard, from season 2 , who embraces Kai, and details him on the Earth's imminent demise due to Higgs Boson research.

    Stan has to deal with Prince on the Lexx, and the machinations of Xev encounters a romantic Texan boy who wants to marry her before he can have sex, but all his friends want a crack, too, so he has to kill them all.

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    Xev gets arrested and handcuffed for murder. Xev is admitted to a local Texan jail, where they do things mighty strange. The wardens' goth daughter Lomea in a wonderful reprise of her role from the 2nd Season episode 'Twilight' abducts attractive people from around the jail, and puts them on her P4X pirate internet show.

    Xev becomes a star with her loveless love slave story, and later in a sex show with other abductees. Meanwhile, Stanley is pinned high on a wall in the ATF , alongside psychopathic schoolboy, Digby, divulging all the secrets of the key to the Lexx.

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    Prince tries to get the key, but doesn't realise that Digby has his own plans, and his own weapons. Hattie Hayridge and Craig Charles cameo. Goaded by the first lady, Priest does a deal with Stan to kill Prince, but ends up wiping out Orlando, Florida. In a plan to "save the presidency", he blames Cuba , but Prince isn't convinced, so organises a trip down Dealey Plaza to drill home the importance of loyalty, having the first lady sniped in a scene styled as a pastiche of the Zapruder film.

    Genevieve G Rota is elected pope, randomly from a real estate guide. A cat becomes possessed by a carrot.

    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed
    The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed The Fetish Queen, Part Three: Cursed

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