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Negus is actually the name of my next project, a self produced EP slated to drop this summer. I've been working on this project for years now so I've been teasing about it in visuals and making merch to self-fund production costs. I think practicing your material constantly allowing your music to become just muscle memory is key. I treat the lyrics almost like a mantra, reminding myself of the feeling and emotions that I poured into the music so that i can best portray them in my delivery. I'd also say that working the stage is key; having an understanding of how to have good stage presence can go a long way.

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Negus was made for live shows so while I do have video treatments formulating for a few of the songs, my first step is to bring the material to a live audience likely through a listening session our live showcase this summer in conjunction with the projects release. I think groups like NxWorries give rebirth to atmospheric hip hop, the latest class of MPC producers Kaytranada, Sango, Knxwledge are proof that the legacy of JDilla lives and breathes in a newer generation. The future of the music industry however is on an interesting path.

For better or worse the culture IS changing. The release of music has been drastically effected by the success of streaming platforms. Despite the best attempts at combating the diminishing market such as Beyonce Lemonade album releasing with no marketing seemed to only slowed the inevitable; and thus new platforms, and business models must be built.

Fashion has always been an important outlet for musicians to display their creativity but the collaboration strategy has given what was mostly a marketing strategy real teeth allowing for strong gains for brands like adidas, supreme and puma putting their product in front of larger audiences and giving them access to a greater range of materials to create from.

Our favorite Track is the Store Run Freestyle- think the beat has the hip hop feel and the flow is original. Make sure you check out 3AM in the CHI the sample is fantastic "houston atlanta vegas" sample is on point. We are grateful had the opportunity to create this artist snapshot and learn more about the influence of mynxggae. If you Have a listen to some of the projects he has released on soundcloud feel free to like and share the music.

Thankfully we are able to learn more each day about artists, the creative process and enjoying the talent and creative influence. Aware of how much that afternoon meant to Jim, Cynth tells it all from her point of view. Also includes the original best selling story that started it all Snap Shot.

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Millswan is a cross-genre writer, best known for tasteful, yet tantalizing stories based upon vintage erotic photographs. Book Description Farlight Press, Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket. Condition: Good. The below works fine in a new patcher and in standalone but behaves as described above when put into an m4l patch. Pasted Max Patch: Click to Expand.

Why is this? EDIT2: Just found that increasing poll throttle in preferences allows for more. Can one of you enlighten me?

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Why would that be an issue in m4l but not in standalone? Nov 12 pm. It works now, but not really. Somehow it starting working in one m4l patch, but doesn't work in others. The way it started to work in the original patch I was having issues with appears to be just random. I had tried to reboot max, live, and the computer with no results. So I open chrome and start researching and reading about what could I do to fix this.

Monthly Financial Snapshot

Hours later I go back to Live, which was still open from the last time it didn't work and to my complete astonishment, it worked! Weird, whatever.

I do a reboot of my computer to see what happens and then it didn't work anymore. So then what I try is to close Live, reopen Live and load a new m4l audio patcher in a track. I open editing mode and then close the patcher window and but keep max open. It's been working since.

Ready for something new? Just throw it in the compost.

I'm thinking I may just need to re-install max? Someone please help me before I hurl my computer from my window.

Didn't save. Yeah I can confirm some weirdness. But my question is why do you need all those snapshots operating at 1 ms, controlling a ton of gui elements?

Snap Shot Cynths Response Snap Shot Cynths Response
Snap Shot Cynths Response Snap Shot Cynths Response
Snap Shot Cynths Response Snap Shot Cynths Response
Snap Shot Cynths Response Snap Shot Cynths Response
Snap Shot Cynths Response Snap Shot Cynths Response

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