Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)

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Of each other’s making

England, of course. In order to valourise Scotland, to present it as some sort of progressive utopia, nationalists must emphasise the difference between Scotland and our southern neighbour. The mythos of Scotland as a friendly, compassionate country is maintained with fervour — like any other fairytale, it needs heroes and villains. And Scottish exceptionalism — the idea of Scotland as a land of tolerance — is a fairytale. The wealth that built Glasgow came from the enslavement of black people. The independence referendum was a time of unprecedented political engagement, but also extreme social tension.

Friendships cracked under the strain of differing opinions, and the inevitability of the referendum being brought up at family gatherings created a special sort of dread. Some remember this as a time of optimism. For me, in the lead-up to the vote, as discourse soured, it was a time of worry provoked by national discord. The message of difference, that it must lead to separation, forced me to question how people of colour and migrants fitted into their idea of Scottish society at a time when purism governed understanding of Scottish identity and belonging.

Scottish nationalism in its present state rests on a fundamental contradiction: seeking separation from the United Kingdom, and unity within the European Union. If the first minister is to call a second referendum, as Theresa May reportedly fears , she must address why Scotland aims to build new political ties while actively dismantling our longest and most stable relationship with another country. This showed this weekend: a disproportionate amount of nationalist outrage towards Khan came from white SNP supporters.

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Watercolor once in possession of Edward W. John Witherspoon was the most important "political parson" of the Revolutionary period. He represented New Jersey in the Continental Congress from to , in which capacity he signed the Declaration of Independence and served on more than one hundred committees. As president of Princeton, Witherspoon was accused of turning the institution into a "seminary of sedition.

John Witherspoon. National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D. Some Quakers were conscientiously convinced that they could, despite the Friends' peace testimony, take up arms against the British. Calling themselves "Free Quakers," they organized in Philadelphia. The majority of Quakers adhered to the denomination's traditional position of pacifism and disowned their belligerent brethren.


This Free Quaker broadside declares that although the "regular" Quakers have "separated yourselves from us, and declared that you have no unity with us," the schism does not compromise the Free Quakers' rights to common property. To those of our Brethren who have disowned us. Broadside, July 9, Manuscript Division , Library of Congress The American Revolution inflicted deeper wounds on the Church of England in America than on any other denomination because the King of England was the head of the church.

Anglican priests, at their ordination, swore allegiance to the King. The Book of Common Prayer offered prayers for the monarch, beseeching God "to be his defender and keeper, giving him victory over all his enemies," who in were American soldiers as well as friends and neighbors of American Anglicans. Loyalty to the church and to its head could be construed as treason to the American cause. Patriotic American Anglicans, loathe to discard so fundamental a component of their faith as The Book of Common Prayer , revised it to conform to the political realities.

National ideas

Mary's County, Maryland, placed over the offending passages strips of paper showing prayers composed for the Continental Congress. The petition that God "keep and strengthen in the true worshipping of thee, in righteousness and holiness of life, thy servant GEORGE, our most gracious King and Governour" was changed to a plea that "it might please thee to bless the honorable Congress with Wisdom to discern and Integrity to pursue the true Interest of the United States.

Book of Common Prayer. England: John Baskerville, c. The problem was handled differently by Christ Church, Philadelphia. London: Mark Basket, Right page. Oxford: Printed by Mark Basket, printer to the University, More than half of the Anglican priests in America, unable to reconcile their oaths of allegiance to George III with the independence of the United States, relinquished their pulpits during the Revolutionary War.

Some of the more intrepid priests put their loyalty to the Crown at the service of British forces in America. One of these, Jonathan Odell , rector at Burlington, New Jersey, became a confidant of Benedict Arnold and scourged the Patriots with a sharp, satirical pen. This long, rhymed attack on John Witherspoon contains the clumsy couplet, "Whilst to myself I've humm'd in dismal tune, I'd rather be a dog than Witherspoon.

Jonathan Odell, London: In the years following American independence, Anglican ministers who had remained in the colonies began planning for an independent American church. One of the publications that focused discussion on the issue was this volume by William White. A series of conferences in the s failed to bridge the differences between two parties that emerged but, at a convention in , the two groups formed the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States. A church government and revised Book of Common Prayer believed to be compatible with a rising democratic nation were adopted.

William White. Philadelphia: David Claypoole, The independence of the United States stimulated American Methodists, as it did their brethren in the Church of England, with whom the Methodists had considered themselves "in communion," to organize themselves as an independent, American church. Asbury was ordained as deacon, elder, and superintendent. American Methodists adopted the title of bishop for their leaders three years later.

America is not an ethnic nation. Americans can have both.

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But the key is constitutional patriotism. We have to remain united by and through the Constitution, regardless of our ideological disagreements. There are lessons here for both the left and the right. For its part, the left needs to rethink its scorched-earth approach to American history and ideals. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners. They were also political visionaries who helped give birth to what would become the most inclusive form of governance in world history. Support for coverage of governance and democracy has been provided by the Madison Initiative of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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Jesse Watters regularly reads messages from his mother aloud on air, exemplifying a political rift present in many American households. Last February, on a Tuesday-evening television broadcast, the conservative political commentator Jesse Watters opined on several topics that reliably hold his attention and that of the other four panelists on the Fox News roundtable talk show The Five. Three broad reasons obtaining care for kids now costs as much as buying a brand new Hyundai Elantra each year. In the United States, per-child spending doubled from the s to the s, according to a paper by Sabino Kornich of the University of Sydney and Frank Furstenberg of the University of Pennsylvania.

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    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)
    Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints) Scotland the Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas (Viewpoints)

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