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Roth Unbound: A Writer and His Books by Claudia Roth Pierpont

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Roth Unbound

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Book Review // Roth Unbound: A Writer and His Books

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Which brings us sorry to the charges of chauvinism, misogyny, objectification. I find the breast glorification in The Dying Animal laughable, and I flinch a little when Roth describes Milan Kundera's English-speaking wife translating a particularly intense conversation between them—after which, Roth says, it was like they'd both had sex with her maybe Roth, deep down, wanted to have sex with the husband.

But overall I find the misogyny arguments a bit beside the point, if not downright philistine, and so does Pierpont. The fact that it is a woman defending Roth on this matter carries some weight, and this certainly crossed his mind when Roth handpicked her for this critical profile. Blake Bailey, also handpicked, is at work on the full-blown biography. At some point you have to brush all the distractions aside.

Roth is the poet of trouble.

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Being liked or even disliked isn't his goal; his books are for people who've gotten past such reasons for reading. The vividness and terrible honesty of his vision are enough. View 1 comment. Dec 19, Sam Sattler rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography , books-on-books.

Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound
Roth Unbound Roth Unbound

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