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A Twitter account that appeared to belong to Crusius was shut down Saturday evening. Tweets on the account had praised President Trump and, in particular, his effort to build a wall along the U. Television coverage Saturday showed police swarming a house identified as that of Crusius in Allen, a mostly white suburb of Dallas about miles east of El Paso.

Crusius graduated from Plano Senior High School in and attended Collin College, a community college in nearby McKinney, from fall to spring , the college said in a statement. Leigh Ann Locascio, a former neighbor, said Crusius was an extreme loner who always sat alone on the bus in junior high and high school. He spoke negatively of other kids who played sports or joined the school band, she said. Her son, Tony Locascio, walked to school regularly with Crusius and his sister.

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Tony Locascio said Patrick Crusius only walked ahead of or behind them, never interacting and always keeping to himself. Crusius liked animals and kept pet snakes.

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Jon Felty. In a LinkedIn profile that has since been removed, Crusius styled himself as aimless but nursing a mild interest in software development. Daniel Heo of Plano, Texas, told The Times that he attended elementary school with Crusius and remembered playing basketball and soccer with him during recess. They attended kindergarten together at Beverly Elementary School in Plano, another Dallas suburb, according to Heo, Heo said he fell out of touch with Crusius after elementary school.

Allen, the El Paso police chief, said the gunman surrendered to police, who did not fire a shot. Twelve hours after the carnage in El Paso and 1, miles away, another gunman opened fire in Dayton, Ohio, with a high-powered rifle, killing nine people in a part of the city known for its nightlife. Authorities identified the slain gunman as Connor Betts, Maison Gallimore, who went to middle and high school with Betts, said she last heard from him a few months ago, when he asked her out for drinks over Instagram. Gallimore, 24, said Betts was kind at times and frightening at others. Cody Metcalfe, another high school classmate, said Betts was suspended when he was a sophomore after being caught with a list of people he wanted to rape and kill.

Nothing was ever really done about what happened then, and now look what happens. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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Allen did not elaborate on what the suspect told authorities. Patrick Crusius in the Plano High School yearbook. Associated Press. Bishops from the border region offer prayers during the Hope Border Institute prayer vigil Sunday in El Paso, a day after the mass shooting.

A family prays during a vigil Sunday in El Paso. People grieve during a vigil Sunday in El Paso. A vigil for victims at St. Pius X Church for the El Paso victims. People arrive at MacArthur Elementary School in El Paso, which is serving as a reunification center, as they await word about friends and family. Walmart employees react after the mass shooting at their El Paso store. An El Paso police officer interviews a witness who was inside the Walmart where the shooting occurred. Law enforcement officers respond to the shooting. Kendall Long, left, comforts Kianna Long, who was inside the Walmart when the shooting broke out.

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  • Police interview witnesses at the shopping center after the shooting. Law enforcement officers at the scene. I have never used it on air. Beginning with my first radio job at age 18 back in , I used my first and middle name only. I was Dan Scott on the radio and planned on keeping that as my on air name always. However, Elden Hale, the man who hired me for my first TV anchor job in , told me I needed to change my air name before joining his station in Scranton, PA.

    He asked me to pick a new name because there was an anchor with the last name of Scott on a competing station. I was so excited to finally get my first anchor job in television, whatever he wanted me to do in that regard was fine with me.

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    My wife and I picked Dan Patrick. I have been known as Dan Patrick for 36 years.

    My parents even became known as the Patricks. Even though our legal name was Goeb all those years, my wife and children were known as the Patricks by most folks. In I was asked to run for a new Congressional seat by some fellow Republicans. I thought I could run under Dan Patrick because nicknames are allowed on ballots. However, air names are not allowed. I would have to list my legal name on the ballot — Dan Goeb.

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    No one would have a clue who Dan Goeb was on the ballot. It would have caused great confusion among voters, so I changed my name to Dan Goeb Patrick, keeping my family name as my middle name. In the end I decided not to run for Congress, but I was happy with my name change. It had been confusing for many other reasons for decades.

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    My wife and children changed their names, as well, to eliminate confusion. They had been known as the Patrick family for most of their lives.

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