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But the error has been at length discovered and now the Gaelic, by degrees, has begun to find employment for the press. Autrement dit, la conversion religieuse est synonyme de conversion sociale. Beaud et G. Loty et M. Goulain, Rational du devin office , Je souligne. LeClere, , vol. XIV, p. Rey, , vol.

Dictionnaire des gens de couleur dans la France moderne. Volume II. La Bretagne - Librairie Droz

Desault, Journal de chirurgie , Paris, Paul Dupont, , p. IV, p. Demailly, , p. Howell, Instructions for forreine travell , Londres, Edward Arber, , p. Todorov, Nous et les autres.


Cadell et W. Davies, , p. Long, The History of Jamaica. Lowndes, , vol. Wheeler, The Complexion of Race. Mercier, Tableau de Paris , Amsterdam, s. Traduction personnelle. Nicolas, Histoire de la Martinique. James, Les Jacobins noirs. Nicolas, Histoire de la Martinique , ouvr. Niort, Du code noir au code civil. James, Les Jacobins noirs , ouvr. Cohen et J. Women were not only influential in the baptism of people of African descent, they were also instrumental in establishing the practice of godparenting.

Godparents, all of whom had to be baptized and receive the Holy Eucharist sacrament, were often times responsible for multiple godchildren of various ages. Names of men and women acting as godparents to a number of godchildren appear repeatedly on sacramental records. The family history of Henriette Delille, co-founder of Sisters of the Holy Family and the first native born African American to be considered for sainthood, illustrates the prevalence in some families of Catholicism and godparenting.

The interruption of slave ships arriving in Louisiana made it more likely that there were few people of African descent who were untouched by Catholicism in some way.

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The reintroduction of African traditions affected people of African descent in the rural areas more so than in urban areas. This reintroduction of Africans from the continent allowed for a resurgence in African culture among rural slaves. No matter the professed religious affiliation, urban and rural people of African descent were feared when it came to the potential for large gatherings on Sundays.

Gens de color , or people of color, were known to dance in the town square called Place des Negros or in Congo Square. Here people of African descent, free and enslaved, gathered to dance, socialize, and network. These gathering were thought to be powerful because of the potential for planning uprisings and because of the belief that those gathering at Congo Square were practitioners of vodun or voodoo and other non-Christian religions.

So threatening were these assemblies that Governor Miro in prohibited slave gatherings. Louisiana was under the rule of the French, Spanish, Napoleonic and American governments and as colonial governments changed, so too did the approach to gens de couleur , or people of color. Differential levels of wealth, color, and occupational niches affected the livelihoods of free people of African descent in Louisiana. For many people of African descent living in the colony at the time, they found that many whites did not readily distinguish between gens de couleur , or people of colour, especially in terms of legal advantages.

Not all gens de couleur were free and not all free Africans were gens de couleur libre. In order to better segregate and separate communities of color and thus limit the potential for alliance and revolts, labels and definitions were instituted which identified people in any number of racial categories. The example of the capitation tax argument illustrates this point. Gens de couleur libre also began to distinguish themselves in terms of occupation. Their occupational activities under Spanish rule — were varied and depended upon trades learned as slaves and the ability to work in those trades with the least amount of competition with white workers.

The work of free people of color was critical to the development of Louisiana, especially New Orleans. Free people of color held a number of occupations including carpenters, shoemakers, seamstresses, laundresses, retailers, blacksmiths, gunsmiths and wigmakers, and executioner to name but a few.

Full video: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's lecture at Collège de France (in French/English subtitles)

The censuses of this period help to locate free people of color in terms of occupations. The New Orleans census of list black male heads of households as follows: seven carpenters, five shoemakers, three tailors, one blacksmith, one hunter, one cooper, one wigmaker, and one gunsmith Gehman and Hanger — Free men and women of African descent often had separate but complementary task in accordance to both European and African traditions. For example, men would often times be artisans, overseers, managers, wood dealers and laborers while women were hairdressers, tavern keepers, and dressmakers or sold products on the street and ran small shops.

Free people of African descent have also been connected with the initial building of what are called shotgun houses in New Orleans. These one story, one room wide houses have been linked to Haitian immigrants to Louisiana believed to be of Yoruba descent. To learn more about the contributions of people of African descent to the physical development of Louisiana, see Further reading.

Demographically, the free African and African-American population of New Orleans increased during the Spanish reign because of the economic opportunities and growth which occurred during the late 18th and early 19th centuries Hanger and Ingersoll As a result of increased economic opportunities, many people of African descent were able to hire themselves out in order to make money and obtain cartas de libertad or manumission papers, which, in turn, increased the free black population.

This growth was not only beneficial to the free black population but to the Spanish Crown as well. Cartas de libertad were not the only approved means of freedom. Emancipation was also earned as a result of military service, coartacion process by which a slave would acquire money that was equal to his or her market value in order to purchase freedom and obtain a carta de libertad , buenos servicios traditional emancipation through good services or loyalty , amor y carino intimate or familial bonds between the master and the slave or governmental or royal decrees.

Members of the free militia were employed to capture runaway slaves, fight fires, repair the levee, police the city, and march in religious and secular parades. In sum, according to Hanger, there are three factors that influenced the ability of free blacks to acquire wealth and financial security. One, acquiring a marketable skill before and after being freed.

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Two, having ties and a reputable reputation in the white community through kinship and patronage. And three, having access to freedom by being born free or having free kin Hanger — Education in the form of formal institutions was elusive for many gens de couleur libre. The Ursuline school for girl, royal Spanish schools, and private classes were not always a viable solution for gens de couleur during this time.

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In order to survive one needed to have a trade. Many worked through apprenticeships in order to learn a trade. Skilled gens de couleur would train other people of African descent. Apprenticeships were offered in every area of the job market from blacksmithing to wigmaking.

Purchasing freedom, involvement in militias, and working through apprenticeships are just three examples of how people of African descent actively resisted being enslaved. Naming practices were another form of resistance among enslaved peoples of African descent. Through their use or non-use of names, African peoples asserted their identity.

According to Hall, slaves in French Louisiana often times kept their names, many of which were Islamic in origin. Of those given French names, they often times had Islamic or African middle or second names. After , not many Africans came into the Louisiana territory. The year was also the year of the Bambara Conspiracy, an attempted revolt detailed in the Du Pratz account and analyzed by Hall.


Samba Bambara, first commander of the habitation managaed by Du Pratze and author of possibly two earlier revolts Galloway —10 , was to lead the attack against the French before being captured, jailed and executed. As a result of the conspiracy and other factors affecting the colony, the supply of enslaved Africans decreased. The population had to survive mainly off of births. In order to encourage procreation and stability of workers on plantations, many owners and those in administrative positions encouraged profamily policies, policies which further allowed for the preservation and adaptation of African culture.

People of African descent also took advantage of the courts and decrees that allowed for manumission. Not only did they free themselves, they also freed fellow slaves—family members and fictive kin alike. Ingersoll points to a trend in the manumission process. He observes that at the beginning of the Spanish period more middle aged and older slaves made up the freedom purchases. It was also more common to find girls and women being freed because of their lower market value and mothers and grandmothers more frequently freeing children than fathers and grandfathers Ingersoll Due to the coartacion process, slaves could go to court, have a market value price negotiated, and pay for their freedom.

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  6. Often times when these prices were contested, slaves fought the ruling and caused the court to get a second and third opinion on fair market value prices. This means of emancipation, however, applied to those slaves who could afford the determined market value.

    Do the French Celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Not only did people of African descent resist in terms of names, families and the courts, they were also active in resisting the spirit of colonial laws. Resistance on behalf of women of African descent can be seen in their reaction to the tignon law. According to the tignon decree, women of color had to wear a scarf or handkerchief over their hair as a visible sign of belonging to the slave class, whether they were enslaved or not.

    Those women affected by the law did, in fact, cover their hair, but they did it with elaborate fabrics and jewels- an action which technically meant the letter of the law but also allowed them to maintain their standards of fashion and beauty.

    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)
    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)
    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)
    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)
    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)
    LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition) LES GENS DE LA COLONIE (French Edition)

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