Earth Girls Are Difficult

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Bouncing back after insect Armageddon is one thing. Repopulating the earth with humans is quite another matter.

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Could we do it? And how long would it take? The answer is more than a whimsical discussion for the pub. Just two people made it. Sigmund Freud believed incest was the only universal human taboo alongside murdering your parents. To understand why inbreeding can be so deadly, we need to get to grips with some genetics.

We all have two copies of every gene, one from each parent. In fact, the average person has between one and two lethal recessive mutations in their genome. Take achromatopsia, a rare recessive disorder which causes total colour blindness. It affects 1 in 33, Americans and is carried by one in So far, so good. After just one generation of incest, the risk skyrockets — with a one in four chance of their child having two copies. This was the fate of the inhabitants of Pingelap, an isolated atoll in the western Pacific.

The entire population is descended from just 20 survivors of a typhoon which swept the island in the 18th Century, including a carrier of achromatopsia. Rebuilding populations of New Zealand's threatened kakapo have struggled, partly because of the limited gene pool Credit: Getty Images.

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Even with these hideous risks in mind, if the survivors had enough children the chances are at least some of them would be healthy. But what happens when inbreeding continues for hundreds of years? And with nine generations of strategic marriages between cousins, uncles, and nieces in years, the Spanish Habsburgs are a natural experiment in how it all adds up.

As an adult his infertility spelled the extinction of an entire dynasty. In a team of Spanish scientists revealed why.

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Despite plenty of food and protection from predators, the kakapo might not make it. Endangered species also run the gauntlet of longer-term risks. Although they may already be well adapted to their environment, genetic diversity allows species to evolve their way around future challenges.

Nowhere is this more important than immunity. Even if our species makes it, it could be unrecognisable. Not only would the new humans look and sound different — they could be an entirely different species.

Earth Girls Are Difficult

The European royal familes of the 19th Century were living proof of the perils of inbreeding Credit: Science Photo Library. So how much variety do you need? Increasingly, the concept is leading those in the field to question the policies of large conservation charities, which prioritise the most endangered species. Need I say more?

Being able to attract someone and impress without words is truly an art.

Three extraterrestrials visit Earth in their flying saucer to check out chicks. While ogling a sunbathing beautician, they get so excited they crash the spaceship in her backyard pool. Valerie the beautician understands the critical importance of humanity's first contact with an alien intelligence, so she fixes them up with haircuts and cool clothes, and takes them out for a night on the town.

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One look at the cast, and you know this is going to be good comedy. Jeff Goldblum was a big star when this film was made, but Jim Carey and Damon Wayans steal the show as hormone-stoked space guidos they were both unknowns at the time. Julie Brown's songs are still cute. She plays a great ditsy Valley Girl to Gena Davis' "straight man" act. An underrated film. Much funnier than average.

A VERY silly movie, and none the worse for that.

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Don't expect as other reviewers seem to this to be a serious treatise on extraterrestrial biology - this is a brain switch off movie, meant to be enjoyed and giggled at. There are some lovely lines in it, and the ending, while not unexpected, is happy and feelgood. Great for watching on a plane, or for whiling away a couple of hours if you want a laugh with a few friends.

It's worth it for the blue, furry Goldblum alone! Meredith-7 7 April There is something about the standard eighties film that is quite unique, they seem more light and fluffy than the films released these days. Even better, they seemed to attract fairly big name stars of that time This is not a great film, but it is what it is. It's light hearted, funny, has some interesting musical interludes and outrageous costumes and is one of Jim carrey's earlier films. There is not much of a story but the slight premise it is based on is still entertaining.

Would recommend to any child of the eighties! This is one of the fluff movies which one doesn't need to be ashamed of admitting to enjoyment in. Three fuzzy, colorful aliens crash their little yellow ship into the pool of a young, somewhat vapid Geena Davis, who has recently discovered that her MD. A quick shave and styling at her friend's beauty parlor transforms the three into less hirsute versions of Goldblum, Carrey and Wayans. Having assimilated at least the appearance of human beings, the aliens enter the world of 80s California, and wackiness, along with the necessary romance, ensues.

Nothing essential to go out of your way to see, but certainly worth catching sometime. TuckMN 26 May One of the films that fits into the category of Just Fun.

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While you could never call this a musical there are definitely lots of great musical numbers in it. Geena Davis has a star turn as the vapid Valley Girl Valerie. I laughed at the fact she spent most of the movie wearing the tiniest bikini imaginable.

Linkin Park - In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix)

But BOY can she pull it off. She always makes me laugh and I always want to see more of her. Micheal McKean as Woody once again shows his amazing versatility. Just compare him in this movie to his role in "Airheads" and you will see just how wildly divergent he can be. Frankly, I didn't recognize him. This film is high camp and pulls it off well because it never takes itself seriously.

Not being a big Jim Carrey fan when Valerie tells Wiploc that she will miss him least of all I always want to cheer. See this and have a good time. Wackiness follows. This is a fun little musical comedy with a great cast that's having a blast and it shows. Goldblum, Carrey, and Wayans are all good but it's the girls who really make this one work. Geena Davis is funny as well as being smoking hot in this. Julie Brown owns every scene she's in. She's a riot and her songs are great. Music video director Julien Temple maintains a brisk pace throughout.

This is a colorful, bubbly comedy that I think will appeal to a variety of viewers.

Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult
Earth Girls Are Difficult Earth Girls Are Difficult

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