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In distant heart procurement, optimal storage conditions remain to be defined, especially with respect to the electrolytic concentrations of storage solutions. Between December and April , heart transplants were carried out in 18 patients.

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After cardioplegic arrest St. In addition, catecholamine and nitroglycerine requirements as well as the type of cardiac rhythm were documented. The total amount of epinephrine needed to maintain the MAP between 60 and 80 mm Hg was All other ECS hearts showed a spontaneous sinus rhythm. At the 24th postoperative h eight RS patients remained pacemaker-dependent, as opposed to two ECS patients with atrial and one with ventricular pacing. We conclude that storage of the donor heart in a medium with intracellular ionic composition, such as ECS, is superior to RS extracellular composition.

Distant Heart

ECS appears to result in better preservation of cardiac performance and electrical stability of the transplanted heart. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Distant heart procurement Impacts of storage solution composition on cardiac performance following transplantation. Authors Authors and affiliations B.

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Hausen H. Fieguth H.

Distant Heart

Winter E. Spring A.

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Original Articles. For the two of them, class differences and economic differences play no part in the meeting of minds and for her to fall into infatuation, and then into love with him.

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One day, a miracle occurs and a donor heart is found for Kimi, offering her a new lease of life. She adores him and makes no secret of it, but Rahul has sworn to himself to let her live her life on her own terms with complete freedom. He lets her go.

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Two years on, Kimi has become a journalist. Kimi becomes determined to get to the bottom of the matter. For two years, Rahul, now in the Mumbai police force, has pursued Asif Khan, who has been arranging murders and then illegally harvesting organs and selling them overseas.

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  8. Rahul hates that the sociopathic gangster has now dragged innocent Kimi into his circle of evil. When the book opens, Kimi is determined to unmask the donor from whom she received her heart and Rahul is just as determined to wrest answers from Khan. Kimi and Rahul have reached an impasse. She never wants to see him again, and this time, she means it. While Kimi and Rahul are involved in their discussion, Khan wakes up from his coma, and with the help of his associates, manages to evade the police cordon to vanish into the vast city.

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    This slightly implausible story development needs a leap of faith from the reader, but Dev makes it the rest of the story hang together plausibly and seamlessly. The relationship between Kimi and Rahul unfolds in a series of flashbacks. Dev builds up their sexual tension really well, and when they make love, it is raw sexuality and a meeting of souls. Stop being so old-fashioned, Rahul. My honor is not buried in my crotch.

    And if it were, you just made it explode out of there. I cannot say enough how much I liked the way Dev took me into Mumbai, making the city come alive in a way that anchored her characters there and made it impossible to divorce them from the setting. This is the hallmark of a skilled writer and makes A Distant Heart a pleasure to read. Freedom was a beautiful thing!

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    Distant Heart

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